December 26, 2015 Share the Farmers Market with your family this Saturday!

Bring your family to see what is special about

Downtown New Braunfels!  

Every Saturday is a unique experience at the Farmers Market.  

We will be open this week!  

We are rearranging the layout for this holiday weekend since some folks are going on vacation, but we still have over 50 vendors setting up. Visit our Facebook Page to save the map, so you can see where to find your favorites. Take some time to walk around. You might find something new that makes you smile.  If you are not in the mood to have leftover turkey, we've got you covered.  Come try some Pecan Smoked Whiskey Chili, Shrimp Mac & Cheese, Organic Tamales, Hot Dogs, and baked goods!  

The music this week will be The Mismatch.  

Check out their Americana sound here!

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