July 16, 2016 Our Bakery Category Is International!

Did any of you make the recipe we posted last week? (scroll below)

I did!!  It was fantastic!!

I think I will change the recipe a little the next time I make it, though.

Instead of using slices of apple, I will grate the apple and the cheese and

mix the ingredients to make a filling that can be spooned onto the pastry.

Also - be generous with the cajeta.  It is soooo good.

Modify the recipe - and substitute strawberries and High Street Chocolate!

When you visit market this weekend, take a tour of Europe!

Our bakery category has gone International.

C'est la Vie Bakery - French Croissants & Breads

Uwe's Bakery - German Pretzels, Breads, & Treats

Tuttolomondo Cookies - Italian Cookies

Get some from each booth this weekend!

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