Planning your Easter weekend?

Bring the family for a relaxing morning at the farmers market!

This Saturday, The Easter Bunny will be handing out free carrots to the little ones.

Thank Naegelin Farms for the free carrots!

Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels will have birdhouse painting for the kids too!

It will be a beautiful day to sit at the pavilion and listen to Ron Brietzke & Wandering Souls.

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See you Saturday!

Do you love visiting the Farmers Market?

The Guerrero Family sure does!

Last Saturday, the whole family came to

spend their morning with us.

See their pictures below.

We want to see how you enjoy the market.

Send your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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#MYNBFM on Instagram.


It will be another beautiful day for

visiting the farmers market this Saturday!

If you have not yet checked out our Facebook Page, you are missing out!  Every Thursday, we post the map for the following Saturday, so you can save it to your phone and use it to find your favorites.  Of course, you should plan to stop at each tent to see what's new.  

You might find a NEW favorite thing!

Want to see a complete vendor list for each Saturday?

Click 'Join Our List For Updates' to the right,

so you can have up-date-info every week.

Here's what is special this Saturday...

Brazos Valley Cheese will be making an appearance.

Poor Pitiful Pearl is back!

Pop'Topia Popsicles is back too!

Bring your knives and scissors.  It is knife sharpening week.

Look for nutrition bars and nut butters on Produce Row (this week only).

Toffee, Brittle, & Firecrackers can be found at The Pavilion.


2 Tarts Bakery will not be at market this Saturday,

but they will be back next week with the

sweets, treats and hugs from Momma Tart

that you have come to rely on.

Come hungry and get local goodies and great memories this weekend!


The Senate Ag Committee recently approved the DARK Act,

which if approved by the full Senate,

will overturn state laws requiring GMO labeling.  

If you want mandatory GMO labeling on your food, call THIS WEEK!

Senator John Cornyn


Senator Ted Cruz


Click this link for more information.

Click this link to read the bill.

When you shop at the Farmers Market, not only do

you get fresh, local, healthy

food for your family, but you are

supporting local farmers and their families.


This week we also have multiple wood crafters!

Patchwood Furniture makes beautiful chairs.

WorthEffort Woodworking makes beautiful bowls.

Timeless Wood Toys makes wooden toys and pens.

Crooked Wood makes kitchen utensils, and


the kids can paint a birdhouse.

See you on Saturday!!


Do you know where your food comes from?

Do you know how your vegetables and meats are grown and raised?

When you shop the Farmers Market, you can find out!!


These local farmers use natural farming practices,

so you don't have to worry about the vegetables on your table.

Come visit with Becky & Brian, Jaime & Floyd, Sonny & Doris,

Juan & Cecelia, Drew & Sarah.

These fine folks plant, grow, pick, and sell directly to you!

Are you up for a challenge?

Try getting all you need for your meals

this week at the Farmers Market on Saturday!


Are you making plans for a special

Valentine's Day weekend?


Here are some ways we can help!


Make the Farmers Market your first stop Saturday Morning.

Enjoy live music and delicious food while

spending quality time with your special love.


Buy local and unique gifts.


Come get local delicacies for

your special dinner & dessert.

Add Shrub Drinks to your Champagne.

Get strawberries, dark chocolate, and

vanilla Greek Yogurt for dessert.

Buy a hand pressed card.

Get lots of candles!

Baked goods and locally crafted teas and coffees

will make Sunday morning extra special.



ICYMI, Punxsutawney Phil determined

we are having an early Spring!

Come get fresh strawberries, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,

and squash before it gets too hot.

Are you planning a Superbowl party this Sunday?  

Make some healthy snacks.

Visit our Facebook Page to get this week's newsletter.  

We put together a few easy ideas for you.


Valentine's Day is next week!

Think ahead and get your love something handcrafted and original.

 Here's an idea!  Pick up some market swag at the Farm To Market booth.

We have bags, shirts, caps... all your Farmers Market needs!

It is going to be another BEAUTIFUL day this Saturday!  

Temps will be in the SEVENTIES!

Come listen to 'The Mismatch' play at The Pavilion and

let's pretend it's Springtime!

*** Stock up on E-Z Hook This Saturday ***

If you have been meaning to pick one up for you or someone else, do it now.  He is relocating,

so after Saturday you will need to visit his website.

Bring $5 and let the kids paint a birdhouse!

It is fun and it benefits Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels.

Trainum Ranch will be bringing Seafood again.


JD's Chili Parlor is back.  ** Vegetarians ** They have veggie chili too!


Valentine's Day is around the corner.  

WKND Press will be here this week with super special, handcrafted cards and gifts for your sweetheart.

Bring your smiles and good vibes!!

See ya Saturday.

Pavlock's Catering is shakin' it up this week!!  

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese on a home made bun!!


How will you decide what to eat this Saturday?  

Start thinking now, because that isn't all we've got cookin'.  

Gourmet Tamales, Creamy Tomato Soup from Stockpot, Yapa Empanadas, Gyros, and the best hot dogs EVER... seriously - COME HUNGRY!

** Special this week **

Look for Nature's Select Pet Food at The Pavilion.  They are not here every week, so check it out.  You can buy bags and sign up for free delivery of this Texas made pet food!



See the Trainum Ranch Family on Produce Row.  They will be bringing

Scottish Salmon


Red Fish




Come sit in the sunshine with us this Saturday morning!!

It will be fun!!


It looks like another beautiful day this Saturday!

Special this week...

Stockpot Broth is making Creamy Mushroom Soup!  

It is gluten-free and made with Kitchen Pride Mushrooms.

Pantanga Wilds Tea

Get a hot cup to sip as you shop and

take home a bag of loose leaf for later.

Kimchi and fermented veggies from Madge's.  

They are not here every week, so stock up Saturday.

Redbird's House will bring your favorite Aprons and

Dishtowels featuring Pauline Steven's photography.

JD's Chili Parlor is steppin' it up a notch.  

This week you can choose to have your cornbread waffle bowl

FRIED if you like!

We have more than 65 booths every week, and they can't all be listed

here, so come check it out.  There are treasures at every tent!


We will be open this Saturday, Y'all!!

Get outside on the day AFTER hangover day, and visit the market.  

You will need to nourish that body and recover from 2015.

We are here to help!  We will have ...


HOT Chocolate

HOT Tamales

HOT Chili

HOT Empanadas

HOT Dogs

Start making memories for 2016!

A Saturday morning tradition at the market will be

great to look back on when December rolls around again.

We have live music EVERY WEEK!

Add a reminder to your calendar, so you can keep up these

New Year's Resolutions!

Buy Local, Eat Healthy, HAVE FUN! 

Come out this weekend, Y'all!  

It looks like it will be a beautiful day!

We like to 'keep it fresh'

every week, so come see what's up this Saturday!

Pavlock's Catering is back!  

This week they are making Pulled Pork Tacos,

Apple/Brie/Bacon Omelet, and Jalapeno Corn Chowder.

JD's Chili Parlor is making a vegetarian chili!

The Sharper Edge will be here to sharpen knives & scissors.

Pantanga Wilds will be here with TEA!

Hans is bringing his leather goods this week.

WKND Press will have paper goods for your home or office.

We will also have


Yapa Empinadas




Bring your family to see what is special about

Downtown New Braunfels!  

Every Saturday is a unique experience at the Farmers Market.  

We will be open this week!  

We are rearranging the layout for this holiday weekend since some folks are going on vacation, but we still have over 50 vendors setting up. Visit our Facebook Page to save the map, so you can see where to find your favorites. Take some time to walk around. You might find something new that makes you smile.  If you are not in the mood to have leftover turkey, we've got you covered.  Come try some Pecan Smoked Whiskey Chili, Shrimp Mac & Cheese, Organic Tamales, Hot Dogs, and baked goods!  

The music this week will be The Mismatch.  

Check out their Americana sound here!

Coming up...