This Saturday we welcome Farm to Juice (from San Antonio) to the market! Come visit them and have a nutritionally dense and delicious juice.

Farm to Juice will offer a diverse combination of juiced fruits and vegetables. Healthy shots!

The juice is made using an industrial cold press. You can learn more about Farm to Juice by visiting their website.

These nutrient-dense yogurt smoothies are a delicious and convenient meal replacement. Made from a base of MC drinkable yogurt, you get a hearty dose of protein and a bit of healthy fat. Next add organic fruits and a touch of honey for sweetness for zero refined sugar content. And finally, top off with the assurance of satiety with a bit of coconut oil or almond butter swirled in! A dairy-free option is also available!

Check out these rockin' flavors: Chocolate Banana, Tropical Sunrise or, Organic Blueberry!

Farm to Market vendor The Nut Doctor are adding almond flour and cashew flour to their product line, sold exclusively at New Braunfels Farm to Market on Saturdays.

From Stacy and Lisa:

You will love the fine consistency of these flours. Either can be substituted for traditional flour. NUTS are nutritionally dense compared to traditional flours and easy to use in any recipe.

Read more: NEW! - Almond Flour, Cashew Flour, from The Nut Doctor.

POP’TOPIA is a locally owned and operated company making handmade, chef prepared, all-natural popsicles. The pops are made and packaged, fresh each week, in their commercial kitchen. Organic ingredients and local resources are utilized whenever possible. There are no artificial ingredients - no corn syrup, no additives, or preservatives.

Read more: POP’TOPIA Artisan Pops - at the Market!

Be sure to visit our new vendor, Brazos Valley Cheese. They provide all-natural, healthy cheese using traditional methods, with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring. Their rich cheeses are used by some of the finest chefs and sold in some of the best shops in Texas.

Brazos Valley Cheese recently won awards at the American Cheese Society's Annual Judging Competition (ACS is the flagship for artisan cheese makers).

Smoked Gouda won 2nd Place in the Smoked Cheese Category.

Van Sormon won 3rd place in the Rubbed Rind Category.

Mother Culture specializes in yogurt made with raw whole milk from local, grass-fed cows.
Michelle Garrido, mother of three and chief yogurt maker, uses a homemade heirloom culture to create her creamy yogurts. Full of beneficial bacteria, this whole milk yogurt nourishes your body and gut. To flavor her yogurts, Michelle uses raw local honey and organic farm fresh fruits.

Welcome to the market, Michelle!


Our newest vendors will help you beat the summer heat while you shop for all your favorite farm fresh produce and handcrafted goodies!

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice serves up shaved ice made from a 75 year-old secret family recipe. It's made the old-fashioned way, without modern machinery, and it comes in lots of great fruity flavers. It's a zero-fat, zero-cholesterol treat that you can enjoy with zero guilt!

And then there's Pop'Topia. They have created a frozen confection-on-a-stick that will make the kids, and the grown-ups, happy! These artisan pops are made from all-natural ingredients, using whole fruits, organic milk, and organic cane sugar. David, the Popsicle chef, creates unique flavors like Banana Pudding, Blueberry Cheescake, and Mocha Cappuccino.

Don't sweat the heat! Come and cool off at the Market this Saturday!

New Braunfels photographer, Deric Garza, has several photo galleries of our farmers market on his website. Click the link to visit his site and browse the many captured scenes from our festive Saturday mornings!

Click here: New Braunfels Farm to Market - Deric Garza

These sweet honey tips come from our good friends at Youngblood’s Honey in Pearsall, Texas.

Rich, gooey and delicious, honey has health benefits too!  Research has shown that unlike most other sweeteners, honey contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as antioxidants. It even helps sooth sore throats and can be used to treat minor burns.

The taste and color of honey depends on the blossoms visited by the honey bees.

When temperatures drop, honey can crystallize.  It is recommended that honey be stored at room temperature, never in the refrigerator. If your honey crystallizes, place the honey in a bowl of warm water and stir until crystals dissolve. 

You can substitute honey for sugar in baked goods; however, follow these guidelines for best results:

Reduce the liquid in the recipe by ¼ cup for each cup of honey used.

Add about ½ teaspoon baking soda for each cup of honey used.

Reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent over-browning

Handy tip #1:  Coat your measuring cup or spoon with cooking spray before adding honey for easy measuring.

Handy tip #2:  A 12-ounce jar of honey equals one standard measuring cup.

Native plants are trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, groundcover or vines that have grown in a particular area without having been brought there by humans.  They can survive very nicely without any help from us.

Native landscapes are a safe haven for hosts of wildlife, songbirds, butterflies and lizards. Flowers and shrubs in our area thrive on minimal upkeep and low water needs. Most native plants rarely require help from chemical fertilizers or toxic bug killers.

Some of our favorite natives:

Trees – Red Bud, Huisache, Orchid Tree, Red Oak, Mountain Laurel, Cedar, Elem, Chinquapin Oak, Mexican Buck Eye, Desert Willow, Possum Haw Holly, Yaupon Holly

Shrubs – Viburnum, Evergreen Sumac, Agarita, Beauty Berry, Texas Sage, Turks Cap, Yaupon Holly

Grasses – Mexican Feather Grass, Muhly Grass, Inland Sea Oats, Bamboo Muhly, Guef Muhly

Groundcover – Lantana, Skull Cap, Blackfoot Daisy

Perennial – Salvia, Purple Cone Flower, Mexican Petunia

Do you know why chickens lay different colored eggs?

I was fascinated to learn the colorful process of egg production and wanted to share it with you!

The breed of chicken determines the color of eggs that will be laid.

Read more: Nature's Easter Eggs!

I had no idea shiitake mushrooms had so many beauty-enhancing  and rejuvenating benefits for the skin until I read about them on BellaSugar...

Many skin care products—particularly anti-aging products—now contain shiitake extracts because the 'shrooms are thought to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase elasticity of the skin
  • Exfoliate
  • Encourage faster skin renewal
  • Provide antioxidants to protect skin
  • Block skin aging proteins
  • Help fade spotting from the sun and acne

    Read more: Shiitake Mushroom

 Bob Fitzsimmons, of Bob's Organic Garden, presented an informational seminar at the market titled, "Basic Organic Program".  He shared tips and advice on how to grow a healthy, natural garden.

Bob is the gardening expert on Common Sense Gardening and Home Grown Gardening on local radio stations KGNB/KNBT.  Tune in on Saturday mornings for his helpful tips and ideas on growing your healthy garden.

Here is the information he shared with our visitors. Click the link below.

Basic Organic Program

Fall is here and it’s time for a new hat!

Mrs. G’s Goods offers handcrafted beanies that are perfect for Texas winters.  You can select from her current collection, or she will happily create a hat just for you with your favorite team logo or school colors.  Beanies sell for $25 each.

Want to learn how to make your own hat?  Mrs. G’s Goods offers a two-hour class session for $20.  Hats make perfect gifts for the holiday season, so sign up for your class soon!

For more information, please email Linda Courson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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